About Deep Talk

Deep Talk is a new, fresh, and happy method for developing communities. It is a soul gymnastics trampoline for the community: it helps to empower you and helps you grow. It helps you find lost muscles, the real parts of your soul, with which everyone can be a whole person just as they are. When a person is themselves in the here and now, the whole group can be themselves in the here and now.

Deep Talk is suitable for working communities, school environments and all communities. It is a good alternative for traditional working consultancy. In a short time and with great joy, you will learn to use appreciative listening, hearing and talking. You will get “keys” for your community to be what you are in whole and positive way, you donĀ“t loose your strength but gain more!

One session lasts approximately one hour and it is recommended that you have 5 – 7 sessions.

The session begins with an individual story and wondering. Then you play out an interactive community story and learn the keys. This is followed by a celebration and a spiritual exercise. There is no need to be anxious, no need to talk unless you want to. The whole experience is very calm and unpressured.

Here is a video in Finnish about the method.


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